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[l] at 4/30/17 1:15pm
The shift involves funding that the federal government provides to help hospitals defray the cost of caring for low-income people who are uninsured.

[Category: Medicaid, Health Insurance and Managed Care, United States Politics and Government, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010), Hospitals, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Trump, Donald J, Scott, Richard L, Obama, Barack, Florida]

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[l] at 4/30/17 10:09am
The sign of life is a double-edged sword for Kim Jong-un, the nation’s leader, because information is seeping in along with foreign goods to marketplaces.

[Category: Rationing and Allocation of Resources, Politics and Government, Economic Conditions and Trends, International Trade and World Market, Korea Development Bank, Kim Jong-un, North Korea]

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[l] at 4/30/17 9:56am
The legal definition of bias-motivated crimes varies, with the same acts bringing vastly different punishments depending on the state where they occur.

[Category: Law and Legislation, Anti-Defamation League, Hate Crimes, Jewish Community Center Assn of North America]

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[l] at 4/30/17 8:55am
Even as President Trump heckled the proceedings in real time in Pennsylvania, guests said the often-frivolous dinner felt oddly profound.

[Category: News and News Media, White House Correspondents Assn, Freedom of the Press, United States Politics and Government, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Minhaj, Hasan (1985- ), Trump, Donald J, Bernstein, Carl, Woodward, Bob, Washington (DC)]

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[l] at 4/30/17 7:05am
A total of 3,974 civil servants were fired on Saturday, and internet users woke up to find that they no longer had access to the free online encyclopedia.

[Category: Erdogan, Recep Tayyip, Television Sets and Media Devices, Dating and Relationships, Wikipedia, Gulen, Fethullah]

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[l] at 4/30/17 6:42am
A Swiss climber acclaimed for his rapid ascents — including scaling dozens of peaks in the Alps in a little more than two months — was killed Sunday in a mountaineering accident near Mount Everest in Nepal, expedition organizers said.
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[l] at 4/30/17 5:00am
Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories.
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[l] at 4/30/17 5:00am
The president’s threat to pull the United States out of the North American Free Trade Agreement would hurt the very workers he says he aims to help.

[Category: United States Economy, International Trade and World Market, North American Free Trade Agreement, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump, Donald J]

[*] [-] [-] [x] [A+] [a-]  
[l] at 4/30/17 4:51am
Famed Swiss climber Ueli Steck was killed Sunday in a mountaineering accident near Mount Everest in Nepal, expedition organizers said.
[*] [-] [-] [x] [A+] [a-]  
[l] at 4/30/17 3:41am
With anti-authoritarian protests erupting across Eastern Europe, a pair of Slovakians are among the young people taking action.

[Category: Corruption (Institutional), Bribery and Kickbacks, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Fringe Groups and Movements, Teenagers and Adolescence, Fico, Robert, Bratislava (Slovakia), Eastern Europe, David Straka, Karolina Farska]

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[l] at 4/30/17 2:23am
Programmed against one another, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner and Ms. Bee’s alternative end up in the same place — criticizing the president and the press.

[Category: White House Correspondents Assn, Minhaj, Hasan (1985- ), Bee, Samantha, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 4/30/17 2:00am
Overfishing is depleting oceans across the globe, but China’s enormous appetite and massive fleet of deep-sea fishing vessels is having an outsize impact.

[Category: China, Fishing, Commercial, Environment, Senegal, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry]

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[l] at 4/30/17 1:55am
President Trump said last week that South Korea should pay for the so-called Thaad system, but officials said Sunday that the original agreement would not change.

[Category: South Korea, United States International Relations, Missiles and Missile Defense Systems, Trump, Donald J, McMaster, H R, United States Defense and Military Forces]

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[l] at 4/30/17 12:43am
Three tornadoes touched down east of Dallas, flipping cars, knocking down trees and destroying homes, the authorities said.

[Category: Tornadoes, Deaths (Fatalities), Texas, Canton, Texas]

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[l] at 4/30/17 12:07am
Major cities in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are forcing vendors to move, creating more space but diluting local flavor.

[Category: Far East, South and Southeast Asia and Pacific Areas, Food, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Food Contamination and Poisoning, Bangkok (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam), Jakarta (Indonesia), Restaurants, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:41pm
The two leaders spoke late on Saturday and addressed the Philippines’ violent campaign against drugs, which has been condemned by human rights groups and many Western governments.

[Category: Duterte, Rodrigo, Trump, Donald J, Philippines, United States International Relations]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:19pm
Demonstrators chanted: "Resistance is here to stay. Welcome to your 100th day!"

[Category: Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:08pm
Twenty years after his landslide election as prime minister, Mr. Blair says he will “never give up” on the idea of remaining in the European Union.

[Category: Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit), Blair, Tony, Great Britain, Politics and Government, Elections, Labour Party (Great Britain), European Union, Corbyn, Jeremy (1949- ), May, Theresa M]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:01pm
The new Excelsior Scholarship, for use at the state’s public campuses, is “huge” for qualifying in-state families when weighed against the costs of private colleges.

[Category: Financial Aid (Education), Colleges and Universities, Tuition, Scholarships and Fellowships, State University of New York at Purchase, Cuomo, Andrew M, New York State]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:01pm
There has been a sharp downturn in reports of sexual assault and domestic violence among Latinos in the months since the presidential election.

[Category: Immigration and Emigration, Domestic Violence, Legal Aid Society, Los Angeles (Calif)]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:01pm
Visit the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Atlanta, where President Trump addressed attendees, a first by a sitting president since Ronald Reagan in 1983.

[Category: National Rifle Assn, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 4/29/17 8:09pm
A Cuban military plane crashed into a hillside Saturday in the western province of Artemisa, killing eight troops on board, the government said.
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[l] at 4/29/17 8:09pm
The hacker or hackers, known as “thedarkoverlord,” demanded ransom after stealing 10 episodes of the next season of “Orange Is the New Black.”

[Category: Cyberattacks and Hackers, Netflix Inc, Extortion and Blackmail, Orange Is the New Black (TV Program), Robberies and Thefts, Television, Computer Security, Los Angeles (Calif)]

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[l] at 4/29/17 8:03pm
President Trump returned to the populist themes of his campaign with a Pennsylvania rally held in lieu of attending the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, News and News Media, White House Correspondents Assn, Trump, Donald J, Harrisburg (Pa)]

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[l] at 4/29/17 5:34pm
President Trump came into office fuming about China. But lately he has been describing his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, as if he were an old pal.

[Category: United States International Relations, Xi Jinping, Trump, Donald J, China, Kim Jong-un, North Korea]

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[l] at 4/29/17 4:30pm
An investigation by Delta found the pilot’s actions helped “de-escalate” the fight between passengers, in the latest airline episode to be recorded on video.

[Category: Delta Air Lines Inc, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta, Ga), Airlines and Airplanes, Assaults, Customer Relations]

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[l] at 4/29/17 3:48pm
The pope, returning to Rome from a two-day trip to Egypt, says a nuclear conflict could be disastrous for “the future of humanity.”

[Category: Francis, North Korea, United States, United States Politics and Government, Roman Catholic Church, Trump, Donald J, Cairo (Egypt), Egypt]

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[l] at 4/29/17 3:18pm
On the president’s 100th day in office, demonstrators descended on Washington in an attempt to drown out the administration’s climate change deniers.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Global Warming, Trump, Donald J, Pruitt, Scott]

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[l] at 4/29/17 2:43pm
Thousands of Marines once flooded the Afghan province to push out the Taliban. Now 300 have returned there, and a difficult mission lies ahead.

[Category: United States Defense and Military Forces, Afghanistan War (2001-14), Afghan National Army, United States Marine Corps, Helmand Province (Afghanistan)]

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[l] at 4/29/17 1:11pm
Kyle Wiltjer averaged just over 10 3-point attempts in the D-League this season as he tries to develop at a position vital to Houston’s success.

[Category: Basketball, Houston Rockets, Morey, Daryl, Wiltjer, Kyle (1992- ), Draft and Recruitment (Sports)]

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[l] at 4/29/17 11:09am
As Washington evaluates the first 100 days of Mr. Trump tenure, the one consensus is that, for better or worse, the capital has headed deep into uncharted territory.

[Category: Trump, Donald J, Presidents and Presidency (US), Presidential Election of 2016, United States Politics and Government, United States International Relations, Appointments and Executive Changes, Social Media, Speeches and Statements, Customs, Etiquette and Manners]

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[l] at 4/29/17 10:59am
Ms. Le Pen said she had reached an agreement with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a right-wing politician who shares her distrust of the European Union.

[Category: France, Elections, National Front (France), Le Pen, Marine, Dupont-Aignan, Nicolas, Macron, Emmanuel (1977- )]

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[l] at 4/29/17 6:01am
Having less stuff doesn’t always bring more zen. Like most things, living minimally is more complicated than it may seem.

[Category: Minimalism, Orderliness and Clutter, Psychology and Psychologists, Interior Design and Furnishings]

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[l] at 4/29/17 4:00am
The story of how Mr. Enninful became the new editor of British Vogue, one of the most powerful positions in fashion.

[Category: Magazines, British Vogue (Magazine), Enninful, Edward]

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[l] at 4/29/17 2:00am
.The transition from self-branding to state branding became a lightning rod for multiple issues surrounding the new administration.

[Category: Fashion and Apparel, United States Politics and Government, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 4/28/17 8:49pm
The former headmasters left their emeritus positions after a report detailed allegations that teachers at the elite Connecticut boarding school had abused students.

[Category: Sex Crimes, Child Abuse and Neglect, Choate Rosemary Hall, Dey, Charles F, Shanahan, Edward J]

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[l] at 4/28/17 7:01pm
Mr. Forkner met his future business partner, Joseph W. Rogers, by selling him a house. They went on to build a chain of restaurants on all-night service and filling fare.

[Category: Forkner, Thomas F (1918-2017), Deaths (Obituaries), Waffle House, Rogers, Joseph W (1919-2017), Restaurants]

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[l] at 4/28/17 8:00am
Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters spend time working out, eating well and entertaining friends at home.

[Category: Fashion and Apparel, Creatures of the Wind (Fashion Label), Gabier, Shane, Peters, Christopher (Designer), Manhattan (NYC)]

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[l] at 4/27/17 3:53pm
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks star in this adaptation of a Dave Eggers novel that explores surveillance-state threats.

[Category: Movies, The Circle (Movie), Ponsoldt, James, Hanks, Tom, Watson, Emma, Paxton, Bill, Coltrane, Ellar, Eggers, Dave]

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[l] at 4/27/17 1:05pm
Michael Ruhlman long had a literary crush on Ann Hood. And now, at last, they are husband and wife.

[Category: Weddings and Engagements, Vows (Times Column)]

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[l] at 4/26/17 3:09pm
At the New York Botanical Garden, this Seattle glassmaker is spreading his glass sculptures of plantlike forms (and more) among the real flora.

[Category: Art, Glass, New York Botanical Garden, Chihuly, Dale, Bronx (NYC)]

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[l] at 4/26/17 4:00am
Irina Dvorovenko, a former principal ballerina, had to deglamorize to land her TV role. But she instinctively understood it: “It’s my childhood.”

[Category: Dvorovenko, Irina, Television, The Americans (TV Program), FX (TV Network), Dancing, American Ballet Theater]

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[l] at 4/17/17 11:02pm
Some new and improved hotels and resorts to woo many ages and stages of love, from platonic crushes to wedded commitment.

[Category: Love (Emotion), Hotels and Travel Lodgings, Travel and Vacations]

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[l] at 3/14/17 5:01pm
Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.
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[l] at 2/3/17 3:38pm
The Interpreter brings sharp insight and context to the major news stories of the week. Sign up to get it by email.
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[l] at 1/18/17 2:45am
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines unleashed a brutal antidrug campaign that has killed thousands of people since he took office last June. Andrew Glazer of The New York Times takes us inside the grim reality in Manila.

[Category: Manila (Philippines), Duterte, Rodrigo]

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